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        Welcome to Meow Mix. We are a social crafting/battle group guild on the Karnak server and are growing quickly. We currently boast over 60 members who are active and make up every assortment of craft and battle class.
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Patch Aftermath

Kitiara-Uthmatar, Dec 13, 10 5:15 PM.
Well last months patch really upped the enjoyability of this game for all players. In addition to the patch square has announced the game will indefinitely be free until they feel the game is where it should be for players to enjoy. Square has replaced most of the team who has done little to nothing to improve this game and a new team is in control. I for one hope this new team listens to the players feedback before this game goes bust and square loses million of dollars. Lets hope the 2 patches this month go a long way to improve the game.


Kitiara-Uthmatar, Nov 12, 10 1:22 PM.
Great news everyone, Square Enix has been kind and intelligent enough to release the notes for this months very large patch.

Everyone needs to visit this site and read over the updates happening this month on the left, and then read the patches that will be in the first few months of the new year on the right. These current and coming updates give me much hope and inspiration for this game. I am renewed and i hope all of you will be too. I am going to push my crafting harder in preparation for the GUILDS we will get after the new years patch. These will have buildings and ships, which i get the itchy feeling will be crafted by us. So with that said i would persuade you all to actively level crafts and work wit hthe linkshell to prepare for the new year!
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